NRM Residual Elections in Nyabushozi Pushed to Thursday.

by gloryfm106.7

The National Resistance Movement Party Electoral Commission has for the fourth time postponed the residual elections in Nyabushozi Constituency, Kiruhura District.
According to a letter dated October 13 addressed to all candidates and signed by the Dr Tanga Odoi the party Electoral Commission Chairperson, the elections have been postponed to Thursday 15th October 2020.
David Agom Andiinda, the Kiruhura NRM presiding officer on 4th September, declared the incumbent Col. Fred Mwesigye as the winner with 36,147 votes followed by his rival, Wilson Kajwengye with 13,248 votes and Christopher Bakashaba with 5,601 votes.
However, Kajwengye petitioned the NRM Electoral Commission and party leadership citing voter bribery, intimidation and a host of irregularities. He also asked the party Chairperson President Yoweri Museveni, to set up a team to investigate the complaints.
Museveni ordered for fresh elections in 84 villages but Kajwengye pulled out a day before the voting which prompted Odoi to declare Col Mwesigye as party flag bearer.
In a twist of events, the NRM party nullified Mwesigye’s victory and organised fresh elections which were supposed to be conducted today, a move that was opposed by Col. Mwesigye.
The elections will take place on the day the Electoral Commission will start the nomination exercise of Members of Parliament.

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