No New Measures at Entebbe Airport Over Omicron Variant.

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China denies Entebbe International Airport takeover

The government has not yet announced any new measures at Entebbe International Airport and other border points to contain Omicron, the newly discovered Covid-19 variant from Southern Africa.
Some other countries like the US and UK have started travel restrictions due to concerns that the new variant could be more infectious than the Delta variant that sparked a rise in number of cases globally this year. 

The Delta variant sparked the second wave of Covid-19 infections mid-year in Uganda, resulting in an average of 1,000 cases daily and and some 20 deaths every day.
Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the spokesperson for the ministry of Health says the government for now maintains the status quo of testing all incoming passengers at the airport.
The mandatory testing exercise commenced last month for all arriving passengers, regardless of one’s vaccination status.

The test costs 30 US Dollars, about 110,000 shillings. 

Sources at Uganda Airlines are also waiting for these measures to determine if they will continue operating flights to Johannesburg.

The national carrier operates four flights weekly to Johannesburg. 

Some passengers have expressed concern about Uganda not setting up new measures at the airport.

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