Police closes none food shops in Mbarara city.

by gloryfm106.7

The Police in Mbarara city led by the DPC John Rutagira has directed all business people dealing in none food items to abandon their places of work following the surge in Covid 19 cases in Mbarara City.

Pharmacies, clinics and drug shops have remained open.

The local business community has expressed fear that the closure of their places of work will not only cripple many of their businesses but also their families and lives as well.


Rutakirwa John the Chief of Operations Besania Sacco Mbarara says this will not only affect business individuals but also financial institutions.


He called on the people to keep calm since the Government is not against any individual but trying to combat the spread of the Virus.


The ministry of health says it does not rule out the possibility of a further extension of the lockdown if infections do not significantly reduce.

Speaking to the Media, the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Diana Atwine says while the country has started seeing some reduction in infections, more needs to be done to push the figure further down.

She says the key to overcoming this crisis is personal responsibility in observing Standard Operating Procedures and vaccination.

She also reveals that the government is set to receive 2 more batches of about 900,000 Covid vaccine doses next month.

This comes as the country’s covid infections now stand at over 78,000 with more than 900 deaths.

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